05 July 2014


Advertising is free here on m'blog because I like the idea of getting to know people, their blogs and/or their products in ways that can facilitate a supportive community.  I'm not always super active on the blog (sometimes I disappear for a few days) and I've a bad tendency to respond to comments a few days after people post but my heart and mind are there regardless if my physical access to internet and keyboard are not.  So, I'd be thrilled if you'd overlook all that jazz and join me in making the internet a fun and honest place to be!

I'm offering the option to ad swap or the like for 1, 2 or 3 month periods.  Currently I'm advertising on a few blogs that I love (Dainty Squid, Kitty & Buck, etc) so I do get a bit of traffic flow to G&M.  Why don't I pass along the benefits to you too?

Ads and agreements are subject to approval.  We should have at least a few things in common, eh?

Sizes are all the same (200x100) and ads should have clear images and/or text with no distortions.  I'll be glad to help you create one if you'd like...

Email me at gritsandmoxieathens@gmail.com for more information! 

PS  If you're a current sponsor then I will be contacting you about updating our swapping arrangements.  Thanks!


  1. I love the sense of community! I think my most recent break is possibly the longest I've taken from blogging since I started doing it regularly in January 2009. I know some people can blog through the crazy stuff life throws at them, but I find myself marathon watching crappy CW shows and doing as little as possible. *fingers crossed* my creative mojo picks up soon!


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