03 December 2012

Tummy Troubles And A New Road To Travel...

This weekend we took a trek to our old stomping grounds in Valdosta, GA and, well, honestly?...it was less fun that I'd hoped.  Sorry to start this post on a bummer note and we did enjoy visiting with our dear friends (we love you!) but there was a bit of food poisoning (poor Brady!...that was a horrible experience that I hope never ever ever ever happens again) and overall tiredness and the realization that Valdosta isn't our place anymore.  I know that I'll stay in touch with many folks down there forever and forever but I don't foresee another trip to that area in the near future.  Life changes.  People change.  Things change.  I've changed.  We've started down a different road and now Athens is now our home for the next year or so.

But there were good times to be had!  Food was eaten in abundance (by everyone except the hubby, of course), wine guzzled, stories exchanged and thrift shopping done.  And in the spirit of exploration, my friend Brandi and I took a long stroll around the old neighborhoods and downtown area (which may look very different in the future due to a bypass being built right next to the historic district...so yeah, there's that) and I got to snap some pictures of some neat/crazy/weird things that caught my eye.  These photos include some beautiful buildings and my friend's new vintage shop Vintage Frockstar.  And the weather was amazing...in the high 70's!  IN DECEMBER!

Hey, do you recognize the place in the last picture?  It's the J.T. Roberts House aka our wedding venue that burned down almost 2 years ago.  They've finished the outside restoration and the place looks just like it used to look - beautiful!  And it's the perfect example of how things can be different in a blink of an eye or look the same but you know that it isn't.  Yep, that's life!

So for now, and for a good while, I bid a fond farewell to Valdosta...and Brady has finally bid farewell to the side effects of his illness and is resting comfortably with a big heap o' doggies snuggled up with him.  Tomorrow it's back to work and back to the regularly schedule program of 'our crazy lives'!

Oh, and I'm still getting caught up on emails and posts but if you need to get in touch with me ASAP then please resend any information and I'll be back with you quickly...


  1. Those are some really neat pictures though! Love the spanish moss!

    Thessaly at Lazarus bell

  2. Ahh food poisoning is terrible! Beautiful pictures though!

    Summer x


  3. I NEED TO LIVE IN THAT YELLOW HOUSE. Food poisoning is the worst! Hope all the tummy trouble is gone.


  4. love these pictures, absolutely stunning architecture


  5. These are beautiful images. Makes me want to go explore a small town.

  6. That place looks so charming! I know what you mean though about moving on from a town. Sorry to hear that your guy was so sick :( glad to hear he's doing better.

  7. these photos are stunning, I love all the bright colors!


  8. lovely photos. i know what you mean... people do change. it's a good thing, even if we can never go back to being who we were and enjoying the things we used to enjoy. it's good to move forward, experience and appreciate new things.

    sorry about the food poisoning... bummer!

    thanks for sharing these photos. the houses are gorgeous.

  9. I totally understand going back somewhere after you've moved on to another life. It's just not the same! That last picture is just gorgeous!!!

  10. These are beautiful photos. I feel the same way about going back to my hometown. It's nice to see friends and family, but we always leave with a certain feeling that we are growing up and away from it.
    {Em ♥ teatreevintage.blogspot.com}


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